Those currently testing the upcoming Ubuntu 22.04 release can take the latest version of Nautilus, the default file manager in Ubuntu, for a spin.

Nautilus 42 was released as part of the recent GNOME 42 beta and it’s making the jump to the Jammy Jellyfish, albeit in a version that lacks the libadwaita redressing offered in the GTK4 port.

Ubuntu 21.10 shipped with Nautilus 40, so Ubuntu 22.04 shipping with Nautilus 42 means there’s a larger change log than usual, with an improved file conflict UI, improved file renaming UI, and support for file search based on creation time included.

Nautilus also now shows compressed archives in the Recent files section, which compliment the tweaked “Compress…” dialog and support for password protected Zip file creation that debuted in the 41.0 release.

Resizing Nautilus windows with the grid view enabled is now more more fluid as the EelCanas-based grid view has been replaced. Nautilus’ iconic path bar also undergoes a minor redesign, though (visible in the hero image) the “theming” of this path bar looks less than ideal under Ubuntu’s Adwaita-based Yaru theme. I’m hoping the Yaru theme tinkerers can finesse the appearance prior to the final 22.04 release in April.

I think it’s fair to say that if there’s one app I know pretty much every Ubuntu user uses, it’s Nautilus. Improvements, however minor, that make it faster and more functional are always welcomed.

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