canonical partner repo

Ubuntu plans to close the Canonical Partner repository ahead of the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS release in April.

Now, my psychic powers aren’t as sharp as they used to be but I can sense that most of you are staring at this page struggling to recall what this is —oh, and someone with a H in their name is reading this post in their underwear. Go put trousers on dude, honestly…

I’ll save you scraping the back of your minds: the Canonical Partner repo is where software vendors could provide proprietary apps for easy install by Ubuntu users. Skype, for instance, used to be an apt-get away thanks to this repo.

Thing is, the partner archive has been empty since Ubuntu 20.10. Adobe Flash (now end-of-life) is the only thing the repo houses for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, and that won’t be available in 22.04 LTS.

Which means this repo is just sat there, gathering dust.

In a mailing list post to signpost the change Ubuntu dev Steve Langasek argues that the “…Snap Store has matured to the point that I believe it supersedes the partner archive, and we should remove this no-longer-used archive from Ubuntu systems going forward, pruning the cruft”.

Which is a fair point.

Ditching the defunct depo makes our collective sources lists two lines leaner 💪!

Steve says Canonical don’t have any concerns with the closing, and given the vacant nature he expects few objections from the wider Ubuntu community.

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