a screenshot showing the firefox 92 release on the ubuntu dektop

Mozilla Firefox 92 is now available to download.

The latest release of the popular open-source web browser is a modest one, containing only minor changes. Among the improvements the resurgent web browser gains are more secure HTTPS connections and full-range color levels for video playback on ‘many systems’.

Bookmark toolbar menus (i.e. bookmark folders and overflow menu) now adhere to Firefox’s ‘Proton’ visual style; certificate error pages have a cleaner, less-gaudy look; and macOS users can now access their OS’s native sharing options from the Firefox File menu.

Firefox 92 improves the appearance of certificate error pages

Bug fixes include an issue where an open alert in one tab could affect the performance of other tabs in the same process, and an issue where the performance of screen readers and other accessibility tools was “severely degraded if Mozilla Thunderbird is installed or updated after Firefox” — yikes!

Not the biggest set of changes, but still a welcome crop nonetheless.

You may have read elsewhere that Firefox 92 includes AVIF support, but it doesn’t —not by default. AVIF image support was planned for Firefox 92 but a belated bug pooped the proverbial party. AVIF support is expected to arrive in Firefox 93, due later this month, and there is an about:config setting to enable it early/

What is AVIF? AVIF is lossy JPEG alternative offering small(er) image sizes with minimal loss in quality. The format is ‘royalty free’ and backed by most major tech companies, including Google and Apple.

Download Firefox 92

Firefox 92 is available to download from the official Firefox website, where it’s available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

Open the Mozilla Firefox Download Page

If you use Ubuntu (or an Ubuntu-based distro) you can upgrade to Firefox 92 using the Software Updater tool or similar.

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