A major update to the ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editor’s is now available to download.

ONLYOFFICE 6.3 — as always that is not me shouting their name it’s just how they stylise it — sees the open source office suite gain a couple of interesting new abilities, including new light and dark themes, an option to password protect documents, and the ability save to .epub , .fb2 and .html formats.

The new dark theme is probably the biggest lure of the release. It helps give the desktop editors a reduced retina-searing visual, ideal for working on documents in to the night. On Windows and macOS the dark theme is trigged by the underlying theme setting in the OS.

As Linux doesn’t have a unified dark mode standard you will need to enable the dark mode manually in ONLYOFFICE 6.3 as it’s not default.

As well as a new dark theme there is also a new light theme (again, not default). This only sports some subtle differences (lighter grey, lighter active highlight) compared to Classic Light theme (which remains default):

Classic Light theme (left) vs new Light theme (right)

This version of ONLYOFFICE lets you change the case of selected text, such as transforming it to all lowercase, uppercase, Camel Case, tOGGLE cASE, and so on. While this isn’t the biggest addition it is a helpful one all the same.

Something that is a bit more eye catching (pun intended) is initial fractional scaling support at 150%. The app switches to this value automatically based on your system setting (though it can be configured manually). Support for 125% and 175% scaling values is said to be ‘coming soon’.

An overview of the key changes in ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors 6.3:

  • New light and dark themes
  • Supports 150% fractional scaling
  • Password protect documents
  • Enable ‘Track Changes’ for advanced reviewing
  • Change case of selected text
  • New chart types
  • Macro tooltips

Interested in learning more? Check out the official release post.

Download ONLYOFFICE 6.3

The app runs great on Ubuntu

ONLYOFFICE 6.3 is free, open source software available for Windows, macOS, and Linux PCs. The download page has more details on the available offerings, including .deb installers for Ubuntu and Linux Mint distributions.

Visit ONLYOFFICE Download Page

You can also install ONLYOFFICE as a Snap or Flatpak app (both on version 6.2.0 as of writing) and there is a distro-agnostic AppImage available too (also on version 6.2.0 as of writing).

Do be aware that the .deb installer does not add an ONLYOFFICE Linux repository to your system. This means you won’t get future updates automatically. To upgrade to future releases of ONLYOFFICE in Ubuntu you will need to download an updated installer and install it manually.

h/t Sergey

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