Want to take a closer look at GNOME 40? Well, now’s your chance as the official GNOME 40 release video has gone live.

And boy is it impressive.

The minute-long clip whisks would-be watchers through the key reasons to use GNOME desktop environment (and the latest version specifically) to help them get stuff done.

But in a break with previous GNOME release videos the new one does not use narration. It also doesn’t call out specific changes. Instead, the new video focuses relaying more general improvements, for example highlighting “intuitive gestures” as a plus, rather than give a description of which gestures they mean.

You can see the new clip below, though if you’re reading from an RSS reader or a scraper site (boo) the embed might not show — sorry!

Slick stuff

The production quality of the new video is very high – definitely rivalling that of similar clips put out by Apple, Google, et al. The music and the editing work perfectly together (and is it just me that finds it refreshing to not hear that plinky-plonky happy-clappy music typically used in videos like this?!).

When I first heard about GNOME’s decision to ditch a voice over detailing the shopping list of changes included in this update, I was worried – but works much better than I expected. The end result is stellar: a comprehensively concise video that makes a powerful and persuasive pitch for using GNOME 40.

Let me know what you think of it down in the comments — but please, keep things civil!

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