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Pop!_OS 20.10 is now available to download and install.

Pop!_OS is an Ubuntu-based Linux distro created and maintained by Linux computer maker System76. Pop!_OS uses a customised version of GNOME Shell desktop (Pop! Shell); loads in some additional apps, utilities, and settings (their dark mode is a proper one); and the system is designed to work seamlessly with System76 hardware (which sadly I don’t own).

The latest version of their home-grown OS is based on top of the recent Ubuntu 20.10 release. Pop!_OS 20.10 inherits all of the core foundational features found in regular Ubuntu 20.10, including a GNOME 3.38 base, the Linux 5.8 kernel, and guaranteed app and security updates for the next nine months.

Pop!_OS 20.10 features a couple of notable improvements over the Pop!_OS 20.04 release. This includes fractional scaling support (Ubuntu introduced this in 20.04); a way to set floating window exceptions for apps too small to tile elegantly; and this release supports external monitors in hybrid graphics mode.

Window stacking is also present. This feature lets you stack titled window on top of each other, and quickly switch between them using keyboard shortcuts. Window stacking, demoed below, is also available to users of Pop!_OS 20.04.

Download Pop OS 20.10

If you run Pop!_OS 20.04 you can upgrade to 20.10 through the Settings application (or by running the pop-upgrade release upgrade command).

Want to download it instead?

The recommended system requirements for Pop OS call for 2GB RAM, 16GB storage space, and a 64-bit processor, 4GB RAM and 20GB storage are recommended.

There are two Pop!_OS 20.10 download options: one for devices with Intel or AMD graphics:

Download Pop!_OS 20.10 for Intel/AMD (64-bit .iso)

And one for use with NVIDIA graphics.

Download Pop!_OS 20.10 for NVIDIA (64-bit .iso)

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