The Enlightenment Desktop

A brand new version of Enlightenment is now available to download.

Enlightenment 0.23 (which is also referred to simple as E23) is the first update to this desktop shell-come-composited X11 window manager-come-Wayland compositor for almost two years.

Highlights in the new release include:

  • Padded screenshot option
  • Uses Meson for build system
  • Music Control supports MPRIS dbus protocol
  • Bluez5 support
  • Add dpms option to turn it off or on
  • Move windows while using Alt + Tab
  • Wayland improvements

Arriving alongside the release of E23 is a new version of Rage, the EFL-based audio and video player.

More details on Enlightenment v0.23 can be found on the website, where you’ll also find download links.

The Moksha desktop at the heart of the Ubuntu-based Bodhi Linux distro is perhaps the best known way to sample both the Enlightenment desktop and applications built upon the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL).

Install Enlightenment on Ubuntu

Interested in sampling Enlightenment desktop on Ubuntu? Well, you sort of can — albeit not the very latest release!

The Enlightenment 0.22 (E22) release is available in Ubuntu 19.04. You don’t need to download a package or add a PPA; just install it using the Ubuntu Software tool:

Install the Enlightenment Desktop on Ubuntu

The version of Enlightenment available in the Bionic Beaver repos is much older: E17. However, there’s an unofficial Enlightenment PPA that packages E22 for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. This PPA does not, at the time of writing, package E23.

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