A new version of the Deepin Linux distribution has been released — and it boasts significantly lower memory usage.

A performance-focused update building on the Deepin 15.6 release launched back in June, Deepin 15.7 also features improvements to power consumption and a smaller ISO download size.

Performance Tweaks

For laptops users, the newly introduced “power saving mode” (accessible from the Deepin Control Center) is said to increase laptop standby time by 20%, as well as improve the overall usage when toggled on.

Memory optimizations in Deepin 15.7 mean a fresh boot uses just 830MB RAM, and less than 800M on systems using a discrete graphics card. This is a 24.5% decrease in memory usage versus Deepin 15.6.

Other changes in Deepin 15.7

Not all of the changes are invisible as this update also delivers some tweaks to the Deepin desktop environment.

The Deepin Dock now show OSD when turning the microphone or Wi-Fi on/off; and there’s a new animation when dragging a dock icon out of the dock.

The Deepin Control Center gains apower saving mode switch and an auto mode switch for laptops.

If you use the Deepin launcher mini-mode you’ll appreciate the addition of app categories and the ability to skip between sections of the launcher using the tab key:

Being based in China, with its repos on Chinese servers by default, means, especially for those of us outside the country, slow download times.

There’s not much Deepin can do about this other than acknowledge it. Accordingly, when you begin download a sizeable update the distro will display the following notification:

Other changes include a new “full disk installation” that automatically divides the disk into swap, /home and and /data partitions, and the addition of Nvidia Prime for use on laptops with hybrid graphics.

To learn more about this release head over to the english version of the Deepin blog.

Download Deepin 15.7

You can download Deepin 15.7 from the Deepin website using the link below, or by using one of the official mirrors listed on the blog post above.

The official Deepin 15.7 ISO image is ~700mb smaller than the Deepin 15.6 ISO image, but still includes everything you need to install it:

Download Deepin 15.7 (64-bit ISO)

Do bear in mind that, as a Chinese Linux distro, Deepin ships with a handful of China-specific apps preinstalled, and uses software repos based in China — so don’t expect super fast download times.

Thanks Neeraj & Willem

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