example of how to change folder color on ubuntu
If you want to know how to change folder color on Ubuntu look no further. In this post we present a free, open-source app that lets change folder color quickly & easily.

‘you might be asking why you would want to change the folder colors on Ubuntu?’

And the best bit? It’s available to install from Ubuntu Software. You won’t need to add a separate PPA or download an installer from elsewhere on the internet.

But you might be asking why you would want to change the folder colors on Ubuntu?

Well, it can be difficult to find the folder you want when they’re all the same color. Having different colour folders for different types of content or tasks is an easy way make what you’re looking for easier to spot.

Folder Color is free, open-source app. It lets you quickly and easily change the color of folders in Ubuntu using a simple right-click sub-menu:

Folder Color offers more than a mere colour injection though.

The tool ensures that pre-installed folders with emblems, like the Music, Videos, and Desktop folders in your Home folder, retain their descriptive glyphs even when the colour of the directory is changed.

folder colors on ubuntu

You can change the color for multiple folders at the same time. Just select those you want to tweak using your mouse or by ctrl+clicking on them, right-click on any of them, and head to Folder’s Color sub-menu to pick a colour.

The utility is not compatible with every icon set out there, but does play nicely with a number of popular Linux icon themes, including:

  • Humanity (default Ubuntu icon theme)
  • Papirus (the one you see in the gif)
  • Numix
  • Vibrancy Colors
  • Vivacious Collars

Depending on the icon theme you’re running you’ll have a number of pre-set color choices to choose from in the right-click menu. This includes common primary colors like red, yellow and blue, as well as less obvious options like black, grey and magenta.

You can also set a custom color if the exact hue you want to use isn’t listed. This option opens a color picker dialog where you can choose from a wider range of colors, or specify a specific color value.

You can quickly reset folder(s) to their default hue, or set a global color to change the color for all folders in one go.

The tool also lets you add emblems to folders, e.g., ‘favourite’, ‘finished’, ‘in progress’.

Install Folder Color on Ubuntu

folder color thumbnail

Folder Color is free, open-source software. It works with the Nautilus file manager used on Ubuntu, as well as the Caja (Ubuntu MATE) and Nemo (Linux Mint) file managers.

You can click the button below to install Folder Color on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above:

Install Folder Color from Ubuntu Software

If you’re using Caja or Nemo you’ll also need to install the folder-color-caja or folder-color-nemo package too.

Once installed you’ll need to restart Nautilus before the color choices menu shows up. To do this press Alt + F2, type ‘nautilus -q‘, and hit the return/enter key.