KDE neon 5.10 with Plasma 5.10

A new version of KDE neon (sic) is available to download.

KDE neon User Edition 5.10 ships with Plasma 5.10. This is the latest stable release of the modern desktop environment.

You get all the latest improvements, like being able to group and ungroup windows in the task bar, put icons on the desktop, and access media controls from the lock screen.

See our Plasma 5.10 features rundown for more detail on what’s new and improved in the release.

What’s KDE neon?

Although it doesn’t like to be called a Linux distribution — Wikipedia describes it as a ‘software repository that uses Ubuntu LTS as a core’— you can run KDE neon from a USB stick, install it in a virtual machine, and tinker around with it like any other regular Linux distro.

The User Edition provides the latest ‘officially released KDE software’ atop a stable Ubuntu LTS base. It’s entirely suited for everyday use, and offers perhaps the simplest way to try out the latest KDE and Qt packages.

Download KDE neon

You can download the latest release of KDE neon User Edition from the project website:

Download Latest KDE neon User Edition

If you like your KDE software with a little more stability you can opt for KDE neon LTS Edition. Note that this version ships Plasma 5.8 LTS, and not the latest release.

Download Latest KDE neon User Edition

Download kde kde neon plasma