native chrome notification on gnome shell

Google Chrome is — finally — adding support for native desktop notifications on Linux, something many users have been asking it to do for years.

old chrome notifications on gnome shell
Google Chrome currently shows non-native notifications by default

That much you probably already know because we’ve written about the progress that’s being made on the feature a couple of times this year already.

But now you don’t have to take my word for it.

The latest developer channel release of Google Chrome lets you opt-in and enable native notifications for Google Chrome on macOS and Linux.

Assuming you’re running the latest dev channel release (check Software Updater if you’re not sure) you just need to head to the following URL in a new tab:


Click the toggle menu button thing and select “Enabled“.

Restart the browser as prompted.

Now, whenever you visit a website, service or app that you’ve allowed web notifications for you’ll should see them on your desktop using your system’s native solution.

Emphasis on should, there. On GNOME notifications do, indeed, appear as expected. But on the Ubuntu Unity desktop…

Well, it is a work in progress, I guess!

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