If you’re a regular screen caster or YouTube how-to maker, you’ll know how difficult it can be to relay the keys you’re pressing on your screen.

This is an app that 99% of you will not find useful.

Mac and Windows users have no such problems, with an ample array of apps able to show key presses on screen as you type.

Screenkey is a free and open-source Linux app that does the same: it shows key presses on screen, as you press them.

The app is a fork (and total rewrite) of the original Screenkey, which we first wrote about in 2010. The original version of Screenkey is available to install from Ubuntu Software.

This is an app that 99% of you will not find useful. But Screenkey is an invaluable helper for anyone who makes video tutorials or gifs or other how-to related content, especially when needing to illustrate actions associated with a specific keyboard shortcut or command.

Screenkey features multi-monitor support, lets you customise the size, colour and position of the on-screen font, and a slate of more advanced features for truy

Sadly there’s no PPA or .deb installer readily available for the app on Ubuntu, but the Github page has all the necessary instructions on installing it using a simple python script.

Before you attempt though you’ll need to install Slop. If you’re running Ubuntu 16.10, you can use this package from Zesty.

Arch readers — many of whom do read this site — can install Screenkey through the AUR.

Visit the Screenkey Website

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