‘the feedback from Linux users has been very positive’

Looking for a free REST client for the Linux desktop? Don’t lose sleep: get Insomnia.

The app is cross-platform and works on Linux, macOS and Windows. Its developer, Gregory Schier, told us that he created the app “to help developers communicate with REST APIs.”

He also told that Insomnia already has around 10,000 active users — 9% of which are on Linux.

“So far, the feedback from Linux users has been very positive because similar applications (not nice ones anyway) aren’t usually available for Linux.”

Insomnia aims to ‘speed up your API testing workflow’, by letting you organise, run and debug HTTP requests through a cleanly designed interface.

The app also includes advanced features like cookie management, global environments, SSL validation, and code snippet generation.

As I am not a developer I can’t evaluate this app first-hand, nor tell you why it rocks or highlight any major feature deficiencies.

But I thought I’d bring the app to your attention and let you decide for yourself. If you’ve been hunting for a slickly designed GUI alternative to command-line tools like HTTPie, it might be well worth giving it a whirl.

Download Insomnia 3.0 for Linux

Insomnia 3.0 (not to be confused with Insomnia v2.0 which is only available on Chrome) is available to download for Windows, macOS and Linux. An installer is available for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and up, as is a cross-distro AppImage:

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If you want to keep pace with development of the app you can follow Insomnia on Twitter.

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