Intel has announced a new release of their Graphics Installer for Linux utility, which gives users an easy way to upgrade Intel graphics drivers on supported operating systems. 

This time around Ubuntu 14.10 (and Fedora 21) are formally supported, with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (and Fedora 20) entering ‘deprecated’ status.

Deprecated status allows users to use the tool to remove or install an older version of the graphics stack.

Not that Ubuntu 14.04 users will want to.

Those running the most recent Long Term Support release are warned off using the latest version of the tool entirely. Under “known issues” the Intel Open Source Group notes:

“Packages installed by the Graphics Installer for Ubuntu 14.04 “trusty” may no longer function properly …therefore, we discourage use of the Graphics Installer on Ubuntu 14.04.”


Utopic users aren’t left in the blush and can make full use of the tool to upgrade to the Intel 2014Q4 graphics stack.

Released in late December, the 2014Q4 stack brings a number of improvements to the standard Intel Linux 2D and 3D drivers, including:

  • Improved support for Broadwell and CherryView CPUs
  • Prearations for Skylake processors
  • Backlight and power sequencer fixes
  • Revamped Vblank handling

The tool no longer performs major xserver-xorg upgrades as part of its update process, a change introduced in the previous release.

Installers and further information on the ins’  and outs of this latest release can found at the official Intel Open Source Group project.

Download Intel Linux Graphics Installer 0.8

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