Vervet Monkey
V,v,very Cute Vervet

Ubuntu 14.10 may not be out of the door yet, but attention is already turning to Ubuntu 15.04. Today it got its name: ‘Vivid Vervet’.

Announcing the monkey-themed moniker in his usual loquacious style, Mark Shuttleworth cites the ‘upstart’ and playful nature of the mascot as in tune with its own foray into the mobile space.

“This is a time when every electronic thing can be an Internet thing, and that’s a chance for us to bring our platform, with its security and its long term support, to a vast and important field. In a world where almost any device can be smart, and also subverted, our shared efforts to make trusted and trustworthy systems might find fertile ground.

Talking of plans for the release Shuttleworth states one goal is to “show the way past a simple Internet of things, to a world of Internet things-you-can-trust.”

Ubuntu 15.04 is due for release in April 2015. It’s not expected to arrive with either Mir or Unity 8 by default, but given the veracious speed of acceleration in ambitions, it may find its way out for testing.

As part of our recent reader survey we asked you what you would call this release. Here are you top suggestions:


Do you like the name? Were you hoping for a Versatile Velociraptor, Virulent Viper or Vivacious Vicuna? 

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