intel-driver-update-utility-unityAn updated Intel Graphics Stack for Linux was released by the company’s Open Source Technology Center at the start of the month. 

The 2014Q2 release features a raft of improvements, including support for Broadwell, better Bay Trail chip performance, and various ‘optimisations on power saving features’.

Other changes in the various drivers, Linux kernel (3.15) and Xorg (1.15.1) stack includes:

  • 5.4GHz DisplayPort support to drive 4K Displays (kernel)
  • Large cursor support for use with HiDPI screens (kernel)
  • Fastboot improvements (kernel)
  • Runtime power management infrastructure work (kernel)
  • Watermark computation fixes (kernel)
  • 3D driver Broadwell support
  • 2D driver bug fixes
  • VP8 decoding fix for Broadwell (libva-intel-driver)

Based on previous timeframes Intel will make the latest stack available to install through the desktop Linux Graphics Installer sometime in the next two months. Not that everyone has to wait; those capable of doing so can, of course, install the stack manually or through one of several (highly unrecommended) PPAs.

For full details of the Q2 release, including a list of known issues on Broadwell, hop over to the page via the link below.

Intel Graphics Stack 2014Q2 Release notes

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