Back in April we found ourselves enamoured by a promising new podcast app for Ubuntu called ‘Vocal‘.  Well, the app has since gone from being a stylish mockup to real working code — and you can help test it.

The project’s developer, Nathan Dyer, has made beta builds — still unstable and not feature complete — available for testing through a dedicated PPA for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 14.10.

The kicker to this (rather sweet) news is that the beta builds of the app can only be installed if you’re using the next-gen elementary desktop. And since elementary do not provide official pre-beta development builds for users to test, that makes it a trite difficult.

Not quite as difficult as trying it out on Unity, GNOME or KDE desktops, mind. If you’re an Ubuntu user wanting to kick the tires on Vocal you will first need to add an unstable elementary desktop PPA to your systems, something we strongly advise against doing.

Dyer suggests interested users wait until the first beta of the next elementary version is made available.

For now we can at least look at it:

Vocal Beta running on Elementary (Image: Dyer)
Vocal Beta running on Elementary (Image: Dyer)

Since Vocal is open source there’s nothing to stop it being ported over to mainstream Linux desktop environments such as Unity.

In the meantime to learn more visit the developer’s blog, check out the unstable PPA or hit up Vocal on Launchpad. 

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