headerSid Meier’s Civilization V may have only just arrived on Linux but fans of the strategy game series may soon have more reason to cheer.

An entry for Civilization IV that lists Linux as a ‘supported system’ recently appeared in the Steam database.

While SteamDB listings are never definite proof that a port or new release is planned — cf. WATCH_DOGS being accidentally listed with Linux support — the hit rate of accuracy is above average, making the database useful for getting an early heads-up on future titles.

Civilization IV was released for Windows back in 2005 and is wildly regarded as being the best entry in the entire series. It’s this esteem that, despite the vintage, would make a Linux port highly anticipated.

Firaxis, the makers of Civilization, have yet to confirm any plans for a Linux port of this specific title. That said, the company is making other games from its back catalog available on other platforms.

To add to the uncertainty Aspyr Media, the company responsible for the recent Linux port of Civ V, explained in a Reddit AMA that they are not handling a port of Civ IV. Who, if anyone, is remains unknown for now.

Would you love to see Civlization IV ported to Linux?  

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