GNOME’s new ‘client side decorations’ give developers the chance to play around with the way Linux apps look and behave. 

One such app taking full advantage of them is Budgie – a new, lightweight media player.

Notice that I said ‘media’ player and not ‘music’ player? That’s because this ornithologically-named newcomer handles video in addition to regular audio.

As a relatively recent hatchling (read: it’s in development, yo) Budgie lacks the plume of features offered by bigger, more mature apps like Rhythmbox or Clementine. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s more nimble than those – lean, with a swift start-up time.

Features currently on offer include:

  • GStreamer 1.0-based
  • Audio & video playback
  • Modern UI design
  • Random/shuffle function
  • Search function

Early Days

I, at this juncture, find the look of Budgie to be a little too ‘spreadsheet like‘. As I explained recently, I prefer the ability to visually browse my collection through album art.

The good news is that album art – along with several other features, including track seeking, media ripping and iPod support – is on the roadmap.

For more information on Budgie check out the official website for it by tapping the link below or head over to its GitHub page to take a glance at its innards.

Budgie Project Homepage

Arch users (don’t be shy, we know there a number of you who stop by) can install Budgie from the Arch User Repository.

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