Yesterday’s flickery Mir/Unity 8 video may have left you with the impression that Ubuntu’s upcoming display server is  buggier than it actually is.

Mir developer Oliver Ries has shared an older video demo of Mir running on a Nexus 4 – one that, he says, shows what Ubuntu are ‘actually shooting for in terms of performance’.

And it does, indeed, look pretty snappy:

The flickering screen issue present in yesterday’s upload by Didier Roche was, Ries says, due to ‘…the current state of the integration that he and the team were working on – the flickering seen there is simply due to integration issues, but are not bugs in Mir itself.’

As soon as those issues are all solved, and everything on the phone is playing nicely together, Ries says to expect ‘an experience and performance as shown in this slightly older video.’

Video by Oliver Ries, uploaded to Vimeo for embedding
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