Posts from May 2013

Surface Pro Owner? Here’s How to Install Ubuntu

Own Microsoft Surface Pro tablet? If you do and you want to make it insanely cooler you could install Ubuntu on it.

31 May 2013

Mark Shuttleworth Marks Bug 1 – ‘Microsoft Has Majority Marketshare – As Fixed

It had to happen one day - and today is as good as any, right? The infamous Bug #1 has been marked as fixed by Mark Shuttleworth.

30 May 2013
Ubuntu Billboard

Ubuntu Axe Laptop Competition After Just 2 Weeks

Ubuntu's "Take a Billboard Photo and Win a Laptop" contest has been axed after just two weeks.

28 May 2013

Humble Indie Bundle 8 Launches, Brings New Games to Linux

The Humble Indie Bundle 8 is now available to buy - for whatever you're willing to pay.

28 May 2013

Standalone Opera Mail Client Coming to Linux

Opera's popular e-mail feature is to be removed from the browser and released as a standalone application, developers have announced.

28 May 2013

Football Manager 2014 Will Support Linux

Popular PC sport simulation game 'Football Manager' will supporting Linux with its next major release, games developers Sports Interactive have said.

26 May 2013

Ubuntu-Powered Cirrus 7 PC Gets Priced, Delayed

There's a new release date, new prices, and new information on how the 'sandwich' cooling system works...

26 May 2013

New Interface Animations Demoed for Ubuntu Touch

A video demonstrating a new set of animations on Ubuntu Touch has been posted online.

24 May 2013

Intel Demo GNOME-Powered Tizen OS Ultrabook

Take one come-back kid of an OS, pair them up with Intel, then sit them atop one of the most stable desktop environments known to Linux. What do you get? This.

23 May 2013

How To Add Extra Category Folders to the Gnome-Shell Dashboard

Want to make the GNOME Shell app launcher a little tidier? This post will walk you though the process of adding category folders to the overlay dashboard.

23 May 2013

Mark Shuttleworth Talks Mir, Ubuntu Touch Marketshare & Mudslinging

Following a new release of Ubuntu Mark Shuttleworth puts himself in front of the community for a Question & Answer session. This, folks, is what he had to say...

22 May 2013

Latest Chrome Release Fixes Ubuntu 13.04 Install Issue

The latest stable release of Google Chrome fixes an issue that prevented it being installed on Ubuntu 13.04.

22 May 2013