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OMG! Ubuntu!

Introducing the Best Way to Read OMG! Ubuntu! on the Go

One of the easiest ways to get notified of new posts by your favourite websites is to add their RSS feed to a feed reader.

But while RSS feeds are versatile – and the #1 choice for those keeping tracks of hundreds of websites – they do have flaws.

Like in presentation, for example. RSS feeds are not ‘styled’, resulting in themed elements – such as text, image captions, alignment, and buttons – not looking as intended.

So, being Linux users, we’re fans of choice. And one of the choices that we think you folks deserve is a way to get all the benefits of our full-article RSS feed but without losing any of the design gumption on the main site, or sacrificing mobility.

OMG! Ubuntu! for Android

Our new Android app offers the best way to read posts from OMG! Ubuntu! while in bed, on the commute, in a queue, or wherever else you want to.

The application offers:

Other Ways to Read OMG! Ubuntu!

Now we know that not everyone wants to install a sole app dedicated to one site. And we totally understand that; we’re all about the choices, remember?

We offer many ways to read and be notified of new posts on OMG! Ubuntu! including:

Okay, we might be lying about the last one, but you get the picture. These are in addition to following us on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

Future ways to digest our tasty content will include:

Get the App

First things first: if you have our old Android application installed we recommend that you remove it pronto. Not only is it broken, but it will not be getting updated any time soon.

The new app is brand spankin’ new. It’s been built from the ground up to look and work better than our old one.

OMG! Ubuntu! for Android on Google Play

OMG! Chrome! readers don’t need to panic – we’ll be launching a Chrome-coloured version of the app in the coming weeks…