lwp-iconHungry for the Ubuntu Phone? Aren’t we all!

Although it will be another month or so before an image of the real thing is made available, those of us with Android devices can appease our hunger pangs right this very second thanks to the work of some design-savvy ‘Droid developers.

And amongst their offerings is this slice of sugary sumptuousness: the ‘Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper’

Live Wallpaper, Live Information

As the wallpaper is based on Ubuntu Phone’s “Welcome Screen” – ‘lock screen’ in real world speak – the “animated” concept is that of concentric patterns quietly pulsing in and out.

In front of that is a larger circle which displays the date and time by default, or can be set to show battery life as a percentage by double-tapping anywhere on the wallpaper.


Although the Google Play listing for the app mentions that it works with tablets the reality is less than ideal.

On my 10.1″ ASUS Transformer banding was clearly noticeable, especially during the animation.

Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper works on tablets - albeit with some banding
Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper works on tablets – albeit with some banding


Banding issues aside, the application works flawlessly on my Galaxy Nexus. Animation is smooth, and the choice os battery or clock is welcome.

Better yet the wallpaper doesn’t actually ‘work’ in the background but remains ‘frozen’ until you return to the home screen.


Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper is a free download available for handsets running Android 2.2 or higher.

Ubuntu Phone Live Wallpaper for Android (Google Play Store)

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