Unity 6.8.0 landed in Ubuntu 12.10 this morning – but what’s changed?

Largely a bug fix release, 6.8.0 addresses numerous performance and visual glitches experienced by beta testers over the last few months.

Perhaps the most notable of these ‘fixes’ will be for anyone using Unity on a lower-specc’d device. Unity through the LLVMPipe (which accelerates the interface using the CPU on system with limited graphical grunt) has been sped up. No more jerky windows, laggy Dash, or stunted animations.

A full list of bug fixes can be viewed online @ bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1046497/comments/7

Misc Changes

Other changes/fixes debuting in this version include:

  • Faster window scaling during the ‘Spread’ feature
  • Ability to close a window inside the spread with a middle click
  • New icon for ‘Gwibber Lens’

New gwibber Lens icon

  • Sharper category emblems and ‘music note’ icons
  • Rogue shadows on panel and launcher fixed
  • Rendering fixes for previews

Getting Unity 6.8.0

If you’re using Ubuntu 12.10 then Unity 6.8.0 – and all of its associated goodies, like the ‘Amazon Off Switch’ – will be waiting for you in Software Updater.

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