A refreshed icon theme has landed in Lubuntu 12.10.

The set, named ‘Box’, remains in keeping with the elementary-based icon theme Lubuntu has used as default in previous releases.

The reason for this style-match? Box isn’t a fully-fledged theme, sporting only has a (comparatively) small number of icons. The ‘old’ Lubuntu icon theme as a fallback to fill in the gaps.

From the image above you can instantly see where the name ‘box’ is derived from.

“This was an extremely hard work. Every icon is being retouched pixel by pixel so you c an get a nice interface and you’ll be comfortable with your desktop,” writes the maker of the theme (and much of Lubuntu’s artwork) 礁湖神癒 over on the Lubuntu Blog.

Getting It

The theme is available in Lubuntu 12.10 right now – just run Update Manager to grab it.

Lubuntu 12.04 users can also use the theme, but will need to manually upgrade their ‘lubuntu-icon-theme’ package using the .deb file for Ubuntu 12.10.

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