EA have deposited two games in the Ubuntu Software Center for users to download easily – and for free.

The titles, ‘Lords of Ultima‘ and ‘Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances‘, run in your default browser.

Installing the games through the Software Center adds handy Dash launchers in the Dash and Unity Launcher.

Baby Steps

When we first posted news of EA‘s tie-up with Canonical, which will also see the company present a plenary talk at tomorrow’s UDS, expectation about what titles would be provided reached fever pitch.

So whilst many of you may be slightly disappointed to find these early titles are not native or the platform-exclusive never-bef0re-seen game-changing releases you were hoping they are a start.

For a hulk of a games giant like EA to look at the Ubuntu platform with dollar signs in their eyes is an amazing sign of just how far Linux has come.

But now it’s up to you, as users, to prove to EA that gaming on Ubuntu is worth pursuing and the easiest way to do that is to simply download these titles from the Software Center.

EA’s toes are tentatively dangled in the waters of opportunity – are you up for pulling them further in?

Lord of Ultima

Lord of Ultima Logo

Ultima is one of the worlds longest running RPG series’ with a rich and varied history spread across various consoles and platforms. EA build on this with Lord of Ultima – a strategy MMO taking place in the Ultima universe.

“you must master the art of diplomacy and trade as well as the military activities of spying, plundering and sieging enemy cities.”


Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances

command and conquer lands in Ubuntu 12.04

The latest entry into the Command & Conquer series is this strategic MMO written in HTML5.

“Compete or ally with your friends in a worldwide war for precious resources.”


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