The Ubuntu 12.04 will remain small enough to burn to a regular blank CD.

Discussions early on in the development of Precise had seen talk of the Ubuntu image size being raised from the sub-700MB size of previous releases to as much as 750MB.

Recent daily builds of Ubuntu 12.04 had edged ever closer to this latter limit, causing some to fear Ubuntu 12.04 would no longer be capable of being burnt to a CD.

But, we can relax, for the final release Ubuntu will be sized so as to fit on a regular sized 700MB blank CD-R/W.

Ubuntu’s Stephane Graber explains:

“The only tweak that was done was on the exact size of what a CD is, where the old check was for 700MB and the new one is for 703MB as we found most (if not all) current burning tools and drives accept this.”

So it’s still coasters ahoy for the Pangolin!

Thanks to WarriorIng64

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