Gamers rejoice: a new Humble Bundle has arrived!

The Humble Bundle for Android 2 comprises of 4 games of varying genres – from RPG to a ‘meditative puzzler’.

But don’t let the ‘Android’ in the title but you off – all of these games are available for Windows, Mac and, most importantly to readers of this site, Linux.

As with previous Humble Bundles it is up to you how much you pay for the games, and how much of your price goes to developers, and how much, if any, you wish to see split with the non-profit campaign group Electronic Fronter Foundation and charity ‘Childs Play‘.


Canabalt is easily my favourite title in the package, and though it’s similar in many ways to Bit.Trip Runner, a retro-styled ‘running’ game that was part of a previous Humble Bundle, it’s by no means identical.

The game sees you controlling a ‘runner’, helping him jump from rooftop to rooftop, avoiding obstacles and pits along the way.

The game is distributed for as an .Air package (and does work with the last release of Adobe Air for Linux) and as a Flash package for playing in your browser.

Avadon: The Black Fortress

Saddling up on Linux for the first time, RPG game ‘Avadon‘ is an epic game packed with layers of replay-ability. There are hundreds of items to find and buy, spells and abilities to unlock, various sub-quests, and multiple endings.


This steampunk-styled 3D puzzle game was previously available in last summers Humble Bundle 3.

Zen Bound 2

The Bundle marks the Linux debut of this self-described ‘meditative puzzler that defies convention’.

Already popular on iOS, the game is perhaps one of the few titles in the package that is not as fun to play on the desktop as it is with a touchscreen.

The aim of the game is to wrap a wooden figurine in rope ‘through a process of creative rotation’.

Swords and Soldiers

Should you offer up more than the average price for the bundle then you’ll also blag this colourful side-scrolling strategy game.

Already available on mac, Windows, iOS, PS3 and WiiWare, the game makes its first foray into the lands of Linux.

Get the Bundle

System requirements can be read online, but the more important link you’ll want is the one to grab these games:

Humble Bundle for Android 2