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KDE Spark Tablet Gets Renamed ‘Vivaldi’

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

KDE Spark

KDE Tablet ‘Spark’ has been forced to change its name due to trademark issues.

The €200 tablet, which saw pre-ordering closed due to ‘phenomenal demand’, has been renamed ‘Vivaldi’.  Project lead Aaron Seigo explains that the device, part of the  Make.Play.Live branding, encountered ‘a problem’ with trademark for ‘Spark’. To avoid confusion they felt they needed to rebrand as something different.

Their choice: Vivaldi.

“We decided to go with a musical theme that celebrates some of the brightest lights in human history when it comes to making, playing and living interesting lives.”

You can see a short demo of Vivaldi and its KDE Plasma Active interface in the video below, or read more about the name change on Aaron Seigo’s blog.