Running GTK+ applications on the KDE desktop isn’t as brutish-looking as it once was.

This style-matching is due to the ‘oxygen-gtk’ package present in KDE theming GTK+ applications with an ‘Oxygen’ style theme.

But as oxygen-gtk isn’t capable of playing all that nice with GTK3 applications just yet the following tool was created to offer up greater control over GTK apps running in KDE.


The tool integrates itself into the KDE System Settings > Appearance pane, and let’s you easily customise GTK2 and GTK3 theming under KDE:

  • Choose which theme is used for GTK2 and GTK3 applications
  • Specify whether menus show or hide icons/text
  • Choose icon theme for GTK applications
  • Adjust font (if needed)
  • Lets you browse, download and install new GTK2 and GTK3 themes directly from the dekstop.
More information on the package, along with standalone .Deb installers for Kubuntu 32bit and 64bit users, head over to
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