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Is ‘Ubuntu Concept Design’ a Unity Phone?

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The rumour mill is cranking into overdrive as to what form Canonical’s ‘Ubuntu Concept Design’ CES reveal will take.

But there may be a clue what it might be by looking at Canonical’s diary for the following month.

Unity Phone

Between 27 February – 1 March 2012 the company will be attending the GSMA World Mobile Congress, the ‘world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry¬†(Thanks Wikipedia).

The congress plays home to both an exhibit and a conference consisting of some of the worlds leading players in mobile technologies. From the chief executives of device manufacturers to the app houses keeping mobile platforms useful – anyone with a vested interested in the mobile sector is there.

Unity Phone mock-up by

User Mockup – NOT actual Concept Design


Canonical will be pitching up their exhibit in Hall 7 of the event building. Hall 7 plays home to the ‘App Planet’ exhibit which is described by the organisers as:

“A forward-looking app-focused exhibition showcasing the framework that shapes, enables and drives the app industry. Visit the Upper Village where we showcase more than 200 app-specific exhibitors…”

Hold your horses

Canonical have already stated plans for a multi-platform future for Ubuntu, so their attendance at MWC 2012 isn’t entirely shocking.

Whether or not it’s indicative of a shiny concept Unity phone being unveiled next week is nothing more than mere conjecture/supposition/reading into what’s probably not there on my part.

But the connection is something to mull over in the mean time.

Unity Phone mock-up by