Storm? Check. Teacup? Check. Now place the former inside the latter before reading on…

Linux Mint, the Ubuntu-based Linux distro that has been basking in waves of positive press of late, has been up to a bit of mischief.

Buried within the pages of a long forum thread on German site ‘’ is a surprising revelation: Linux Mint altered the Banshee Amazon MP3 referral code to that of its own, taking 100% of all profits made in the process.

In ‘standard’ Banshee all money raised through the sale of MP3s via the plugin goes to the non-profit GNOME Foundation – which, as of September 2011, has raised some $9200.

‘By purchasing music through Banshee’s integrated Amazon MP3 Store, you not only get seamless downloading, you support our free software community’ reads the Banshee site.

There’s taking a slice, and taking the cake

When Canonical altered the Banshee Amazon MP3 store plugin last year – albeit in their case splitting the profits with Banshee/GNOME – a minor uproar spread like unbridled contagien throughout the peanut galleries of here and beyond.

So are Linux Mint being a tad cheeky by stuffing the full 100% into their head developers pockets, taking it from the hands of GNOME developers?

Probably not. But it didn’t help that the ‘change’ was never publicly disclosed.

Even the ‘change-log’ in which the code was altered doesn’t entirely spell out the nature of the change or who it was to benefit: –

banshee (2.2.0-2linuxmint1) lisa; urgency = low * Changed redirect URL Ubuntu's Amazon store - Clement Lefebvre <>

The lesson to be learned from this ‘storm in a teacup’ is that transparency should always be the rule of thumb in situations such as these.

(P.S. Yes it was hard for me to resist running with the headline “Linux Minted”)

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