Want to sync your play counts on Last.FM to your Rhythmbox music collection? 

The following plugin – LastPlayCount – does just that, updating Rhythmbox with a playcount totals from your Last.fm profile.

This way, regardless of where or what you scrobble your music from your playcounts in Rhythmbox will remain up-to-date.

Use LastPlayCount

Below is my library pre-sync: –

Then, as I played tracks, the plugin adjusted the play count to that recorded on my Last.FM profile: –

Download and Install

The download link for the plugin (together with install instructions) can be found @ github.com/BramBonne/LastfmPlaycount.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, and restarted Rhythmbox, be sure to enable the plugin from the Edit >Plugins menu.

Thanks to Bram Bonn

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