Update: It’s not actually confirmed that the size of 12.04 will be 750mb. Rather, if it has to go over 700mb, then that’s okay – however the developers will still try to keep it under the CD-R limit.

Kiss goodbye to burning Ubuntu onto a regualr CD-R: the default disc size for Ubuntu 12.04 has been set to 750MB.

In raising the .iso limit by a mere 50MB developers will benefit from a buffer of breathing room. Often during the development cycle tough choices have to made as to what can ship on the CD and what can’t.

But the buffer is still relatively small, ensuring that developers are unable to become complacent in adding packages. This will ensure that the default install remains as trim as possible.

Should the upper limit be met with the 12.04 image users will be required to burn and install Ubuntu 12.04 using writeable DVDs or USB drives.

Via Phoronix

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