The seminalsurvivalhorror game Doom 3 has been open sourced.

The source code to the game, which usesthe id Tech 4 engine, has been published under the GPL license making it free to access, modify and distribute under the samelicense.

The code ishosted on Github.

Plans for the Doom 3 source code to be open-sourced have long been known, but held up by legal issues affecting various elements within the game and its code. Because of this Doom3 GPL does not ship with the ‘Carmack’s Reverse‘ shadow technique.

The developers behind Doom 3, id Software, have open-sourced several of their games in the past, including Quake 3 which lead to the creation of popular open-source spin ‘Open Arena‘.

With a new code base to work from I suspect we will see new, imaginative and wholly native Linux titles spring up over the coming years.

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