A new version of cross-platform Worms-like strategy game Hedgewars has been released with new game modes, new utilities, and downloadable content.

So what’s new in this release?

First shout out has to go to the inclusion of extra downloadable content. Extra voices, hats, maps, themes, etc, can all be added with a click. This makes tailoring the game to your own tastes much easier than before.

Other notable changes/features includes:

  • 3-D/Stereoscopic rendering has been added for those able to benefit from it
  • New gameplay modes
  • New single player missions
  • New themes
  • AI and performance tweaks
  • The ability to resize the window

Elsewhere, New utilities have been added: –

  • Time Box – removes one of your hedgehogs from play, this keeping it safe from attack until it returns
  • Land spray – lets you to ‘build bridges, seal up holes, or just make life unpleasant for your enemies’

Old weapons have been enhanced for more creative gameplay, including: –

  • Adjustments to Drill strike, seduction and fire
  • Addition of defective mines
  • Rope can attach to hogs/crates/etc
  • Grenade bounce can now be controlled
  • Portal gun is ‘more usable’ in flight

And of the new game modes is a notable ‘Tag team mode’ which allows two teams to share time to inflict combo attacks.

For a full list of ‘what’s new’ take a gander at the official change log for the release @ hedgewars.googlecode.com/hg/ChangeLog.txt


Hedgewars 0.9.16 can be installed in Ubuntu 10.04 and 11.04 via the PlayDeb repository.

First install the Playdeb package (here). Then head to the Hedgewars package page @ playdeb.net/software/Hedgewars and click the ‘install’ button.

Thanks to Clymr

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