Few people would argue that the Ubuntu Software Cenre in its current forms needs a makeover. Thankfully it is getting one, although whether or not it will be ready in time for Oneiric’s release in October is a whole different debate.

Earlier today I pulled the latest development branch of the Ubuntu Software Centre to check in on development. Upon running the ‘software-centre-gtk3’ file inside this stunning Software Centre revamp appeared my desktop – and I just had to share…

Buttons close up: –

Checking out the “Accessories” available for installation: –

Taking a peek at ‘Cheese’ in more detail: –

Viewing my installation history: –

The landing screen’s new style close up: –


Due to the development nature of the application and the platform everything you see above is subject to change, alter or disappear without warning. Also note that features may not yet be implemented or working in the development version above.

Edit: Here’s how the Software Centre looks in its current development statewhen used under Radiance: –

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