OMG! Ubuntu!

Mimic the look of Ubuntu’s Overlay-scrollbars in Chrome/ium

Chrome/ium doesn’t use Ubuntu’s new Overlay Scrollbars which is a shame: thy’re cute, slim and awesome to use.

Whilst we can’t enable overlay scrollbars themselves in Chrome/ium we can at least match the look, courtesy of reader Micha R who mailed in just how to do this…

Mimic Ubuntu 11.04 overlay-style scrollbars in Chrome/ium

First step is to install this ‘Scrollbar minimizing’ extension in Chrome/ium.

After installing we’ll change the colour to Natty orange. Hit ALT+F2 or open a terminal and enter: –

For Google Chrome users use: –

In the file that opens change “#666” in lines 16 and 22 to “#F07746” and hit save.

To see line numbers in Gedit enable ‘line numbers’ in ‘Edit > Preferences’

Restart chromium and viol – Natty-style scrollbars.