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A 64bit build of Lubuntu 11.04 has been made available for download.

Created by Kendall Weaver of ‘Peppermint OS’ and posted to the Lubuntu mailing list, the build is said to be ‘identical to the [32 bit] version save one xorg package that isn’t available in …64 bit.”

Weaver goes on to say: –

“…everything seems to be working identically to the i386 as best as I can tell.

The only things that are beyond my capacity to test are the usb-creator and wubi applications as I don’t have a Windows system anywhere and I’m unfamiliar with what (if any) changes need to be made there.

Currently the windows files that are on the .iso are the same ones used in the amd64 Xubuntu build.

As this is the first 64bit of Lubuntu available it has not benefited from the extensive testing of the regular 32bit build. With that in mind, anyone downloading this build should not consider themselves to have any guarantee of support.

via Lubuntu mailing list

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