‘Gunity’ provides easily-accessible options for tweaking aspects of the Unity interface without the need to install Compiz Configuration Settings manager, wade through dconf settings or apply scripts.

GUnity for Ubuntu 11.04 lets you easily tweak the Unity desktop

Support for tweaking various parts of the Unity interface – such as Unity Launcher size, shortcuts, Launcher behaviour, etc – is not readily accessible in Ubuntu ‘out of the box’.

One can install the ‘Compiz Config Settings Manager’ to adjust many of these or, now, via ‘GUnity’ – a standalone application that puts many of Unity’s tweakable features under one window.


GUnity provides easy access to tweaking many aspects of Unity including: –

  • Adjust the size of the launcher icons
  • Change the panel opacity
  • Change the Launcher hiding animation and visibility
  • Enable or disable blur for Dash
  • Edit the ‘reveal’ mode
  • Tweak the number of workspaces/rows

And much, much more.


GUnity can be downloaded in .deb format at blog.ckdevelop.org. Users should be cautious when installing .debs form non-trusted sources.


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