Few changes are to be made to the application line-up in Ubuntu 11.10.

Backup tool ‘Deja Dup’ will be ‘new’ to the application line-up. Mozilla Thunderbird has been tentatively marked for inclusion pending CD space concerns and other issues being resolved ahead of October.

A ‘hardare information’ application was also discussed for inclusion, with options on who best to provide this to be looked at.

Leaving the default install will be video editor PiTiVi and catastrophe-creator ‘cruft cleaning’ tool Computer Janitor.

The latter tool has long been a headache for casual users who have broken their systems by running it unaware of its intentions. It was this ‘danger’ posed that formed part of thereasoningbehind its removal.

Computer Janitor: marked for removal

LibreOffice removal mooted

Also discussed at length during the UDS session on default applications was the potential case for removing LibreOffice from the default CD.

No formal decision on removing the suite was taken, with the developers noting that the purpose of the discussion was simply as it it was on their ‘list for examination’ rather than the talk being a sign of intent in dropping it ‘soon’.

Reasons put forward in favour of its replacement at some point in the coming cycles included the relative large size of the application both on the CD and delivered on so-called ‘Zero-day upgrades’; the inconsistent user interface and theperceived’lack of use’ by many Ubuntu users.

The reasons on keeping the suite were moreconvincing. The strong selling point of Ubuntushippingwith a’Microsoft-Office compatibleOffice app’ was noted, as was the likely popularity of the suite with “no-we’s” (i.e. non-developers.).

LibreOffice also, like Firefox and VLC, carries brandrecognition across platform – a strong selling point in assuaging the concerns of casual, tempted new users.

One proposed ‘solution’ was to have a ‘LibreOffice’ installer placed on the desktop/Unity launcher for users wishing to add the suite to easily do so. Kubuntu has a similar approach with Firefox, not shipping it by default but shipping an installer for it.

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