If you thought Ubuntu moving window controls to the left hand side was an issue you might need to sit down on learning of Gnome 3’s latest change.

Window controls in Gnome 3 now consists of one button and one button alone: close. ‘Maximize’ and ‘Minimize’ have been removed from window borders.

But why?

To boil it down into two very short snippets from Owen Taylor’s announcement mail (well worth reading in full): –

  • “there are more obvious ways to maximize a window”
  • “workspaces cold be a replacement for minimization”

Allan Day also explains the reasoning behind the change on his blog very succinctly. Again, well worth a read.

I’m not going to offer any further opinion on this for now as, sadly, I can’t get Gnome 3 to build thusly experience the change as intended.

What are your thoughts on the change?

Image courtesy of Alan Day