pc pro linux coverPCPro – a website and magazine purposed primarily around Windows – are to switch operations to Ubuntu for one day.

The ‘stunt’ is an attempt to drum up interest for their latest Ubuntu-featuring issue, which also sees Linux grace the front-cover for the first time in the magazine’s 17 year run.

From writing up news and reviews in OpenOffice to replying to e-mails via Evolution – all non-other-os critical output will take place in Ubuntu using free and open-source tools.

They do note, however, that due to their nature as a Windows-based magazine they will need to retain access to Windows for application/hardware test/review purposes.

Track the ‘#ubuntupro’ hashtag on Twitter tomorrow to monitor how the exercise goes. We’ll be sure to retweet anything particularly humorous on the @omgubuntu twitter account, too.

Sofox via Tip Form

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