So you accidentally hit the F1 key and wince. Why? You know what’s coming.

For the next few minutes your hard drive will churn and your patience will burn as GNOME’s built-in ‘Help’ browser loads on your screen like a 100KB .jpg arriving piecemeal through a 52k modem.

I refer to this as the “F1-facepalm”.

Yelp = Help

Thankfully for Ubuntu 11.04 Yelp – the name of this ‘Help documentation’ viewer – has received some long over-due love and attention.

Yelp 3

Yelp 3 sports several significant changes. Firstly it no longer uses the Gecko rendering engine for loading content, replacing it with the faster, lighter Webkit engine.

Those frustrated by format inconsistencies in the old version of Yelp will appreciate the switch to ‘Mallard‘ – a topic orientated documentation format that uses ‘small[er]… focused topics.. that make it easier for you to find the information you need quickly.’

Screenshot-GNOME Terminal Manual

A cleaner, simpler interface combined with a super smart search bar means search for help no longer leaves you wanting to get help.

For reference the ‘old’ look Yelp is below.

GNOME Terminal Manual_010

Thanks to Dylan, appreciated!

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