In an update to previously announced proceedings Banshee’s Gabriel Burt has shared news of a rejigged plan for the media player’s music stores in Ubuntu 11.04.

Calling their previous offers ‘mistakes’, Canonical’s new plan for Banshee in Ubuntu 11.04 is thus: –

  • The Amazon MP3 store for Banshee will be enabled by default. Canonical nab a 75% cut of all affiliate revenue generated whilst the other 25% goes to the GNOME Foundation.
  • The Ubuntu One Music store for Banshee is also enabled by default. Canonical will donate 25% of their revenue generated through this to GNOME.

Although the majority of OMG! Ubuntu! readers found the previous agreement to be acceptable this change will result in more choice for the user, and provide both Canonical and GNOME with a greater source of funds than either store alone.

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