Rovio media have no plans to bring the popular puzzle game ‘Angry Birds’ to Linux, with their previous statement it being something they were ‘looking into’ since translated as ‘no plans at all.’

‘We’d like to.’ would’ve worked better guys. ;)

Still, if you’re an Angry Birds fan looking to get your feathery fix on Linux you still can – using everyone’s favourite binary beverage ‘Wine’.

Proof. And that’s not an alcohol related pun.

How to run Angry Birds in Wine

First you need to download it. You’ll need access to Window and a spare $4.99 to buy it. But hey – it’s worth it, right?

Next up install the latest Wine build via their PPA. This comes with the latest fixes, patches and, er, bugs. Again, it’s worth it.

Install Angry Birds in the same manner as any other Windows application.

Run it from the Applications > Wine > Angry Birds sub menu or, if you’re a Wine Bottle/Vineyard/Natty user, have a hunt around your menus to find it.


(Psst, if you get manage to pass level 5-21 please hire your services out to me ;))

Thanks to Scott

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