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Longhorn Linux Transformation pack

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Mac OS X transformation packs, Windows XP transformations packs, Windows 7 transformation packs and I’m pretty sure there’s a BeOS transformation pack floating around somewhere, too – but what about the OS that sorta never was: Windows Longhorn?

Windows Longhorn eventually, after a ‘development reset’, became the (best forgotten) Windows Vista.

But from what was released of it prior to the reset, via screenshots, presentations and installable development builds, it gained an ardant band of fans – many of whom still seek to ‘recreate’ its unique style and feature set.

Longhorn… Linux

Ubuntu Forums member jman6495 is one of these fans. After initially trying to create a whole Linux distribution based around the Longhorn concept he’s since lowered his sights to the much-more managable goal of a ‘transformation pack’.


So what can users expect fom the pack? A little bit more than a GTK+ theme and some widgets, that’s for sure.

The listed ‘features’ wanted for the pack is as follows: –

1. Glass borders Like in Longhorn ( Practically done )
2. Longhorn Style Explorer (with the nice details bar that can change colour with folder contents , change actions
3.WINFS Style File management .
4.Longhorn Style Desktop with optional Sidebar
5.A fixed Blur Plugin for Compiz

How many of the ‘wants’ will be implimented remains to be seen but the project is sure to get there a lot quicker with help so check out his official forum thread for the project @ to see if you can lend a hand, give constructive feedback or just otherwise pat him on the back.