Ape the look of OS X in Ubuntu using the ‘Macbuntu’ transformation pack.

Kyle Baker, with whom regular readers will know is a source of many great things,  has been diligently posting a guide to skinning Ubuntu into something resembling a little known OS called OS X. Okay I jest on the little known part, but for all of the detractors of ‘OS mimicking’ there are just as many enthusiasts hence why projects such as this deserve praise.



Kyle has done much more than just knock together an ‘how to’ ace: after trying the pack out he found a few things were lacking so rather than just point them out and hope for the best he went and fixed, improved and contributed them to the Macbuntu project.

His personal additions include: –

  • New transparency for the Top Gnome-Panel and all Menus
  • Alpha blurring for Docky
  • Added folders to Docky for the Applications, Documents, Downloads and Dropbox folders (where relevant)
  • Added detection for other applications and add them to Docky upon installation
  • Re-arranged several Docky launchers
  • Brand new Docky theme ” Macbuntu
  • Reset the default wallpaper to the Snow Leopard  wallpaper
  • Changed the clock format the match OS X’s clock
  • Added setting to ensure that people with multiple monitors see the workspace cube as One big cube instead of each screen rotating separately.
  • Various other bug fixes, minor details and cleanups.


It’s worth reading through each part of the guide to get a handle on just what’s been improved (and what’s yet to come!).

A few extra tweaks of our own that we’d suggest to compliment Macbuntu: –

Docky Eye Candy kylebaker macbuntu osx Themes