Firefox celebrates its sixth birthday today, with Firefox’s 1.0 having been released exactly on this date back in 2004.

It’s hard to imagine a time when ‘Firefox’ wasn’t so ubiquitous as it is now. In 6 years, less than half of Internet Explorers 15 years, it has become one of the most important open source projects – from giving users the world over a safe, secure and stable browsing experience to ensuring wider adoption of common web standards through increased market share.

Since it’s launch it has become a beacon of the power, progress and success that the Open Source approach can achieve and… Well, if I keep gushing on i’m going to well up ;)

So here’s to you on your 6th birthday Firefox!

Is not a firefox icon.

photo © 2010 Christopher Chen | more info(via: Wylio)

When did you first discover Firefox? Do you still use it? Feel free to share your Firefox stories in the space below.

(thanks to BaloneyGeek for the prod)

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