Kubuntu 10.10’s new “Blur” effect behind the panel and ‘Kickoff menu’ is pretty neat

If you’re adventurous you can add that blur behind your application windows too – and with adjustable transparency!

The script is called ‘oxygen-transparent’ and is ‘an official experimental branch of the KDE oxygen style, based on kde SC 4.5′ according to the Kde-Look page. Pay heed to the word ‘experimental’ before attempting.

Warnings aside, lets see some instructions courtesy of reader Arthur, who dropped them off in the OMG! inbox.

Enable transparent blurred windows in KDE

1. First off open up ‘Konsole’ or your favourite terminal emulator and paste the following:

sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake kdelibs5-dev kdebase-workspace-dev libxrender-dev libx11-dev subversion

Proceed to install.

2. Grab the script itself:

3. Save script somewhere and create directory “oxygen-transparent” in the same directory where you saved a file.

4. If using Dolphin, press F4 to open terminal panel. Alternatively navigate to folder via Konsole.

5. Run “sudo ./oxygen-setup.pl” without quotes.

6. After some time, it will stop building. Run these commands:

  • cd build
  • sudo make install

It will install oxygen-transparent and replace your current oxygen style.

7. Log out and log in.

8. Go to System settings > Application Appearance > Style. Press “configure” and adjust the transparency to your taste.

9. Hit “OK” then “Apply” and voila! Transparent windows with blur behind!

Download How To kde kubuntu oxygen